Sisa Ngebulana

Building A Legacy

Sisa Ngebulana has built his construction business from the ground up and is now the proud owner of companies pushing billions of rands. Ngebulana has three law degrees from three different universities, but he’s made a name for himself as a construction and property mogul. His passion for property was nurtured in university when he passed an estate agency exam. After encountering problems with the first few businesses he tried to establish, he found success through building and selling eight houses in Kyalami Estates and a few more in other affluent areas. He owns the Billionaire Group and Rebosis and is the chairperson of New Frontier Properties and Ascension.

Credit: Instagram


1998 - After years spent studying towards and obtaining a law degree, Ngebulana started the Billion Group and served as its executive chairman. He also served as legal counsel for Eskom for several years.

2006 - Ngebulana won the Entrepreneur of the Year award.

2010 - After slowly climbing his way through the construction industry ranks, he started Rebosis Property Fund.

2011 - The company became the first black-managed property fund to be listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Two years later, it was approved as a real estate investment trust.

2016 - He won the Global Leadership Congress' Leadership Excellence Award. The following year he stepped down as the CEO of Rebosis.

I find great fulfilment in the property business. There is something deeply rewarding about creating something out of nothing. You take an open piece of ground and 10 years later, something spectacular emerges.

Sisa Ngebulana