Don't Film Yourself Having Sex and Other Legal Advice For the Age of Social Media

Don't film yourself having sex seems like the most obvious piece of advice anyone could be given but actually a lot of people do it and get into a whole lot of trouble for it. Social media law expert Emma Sadlier and co-author Tamsyn de Beer wrote this book for those who don't quite understand the digital age. It's also a book everyone should read as we live in an time where anything you say or do may end up online.

With various people, celebrities or otherwise, getting into trouble because of what they post on social media Sadlier and De Beer wrote this book to advice people on which boundaries never to cross when it comes to this new-age medium. Not only that, but also what your rights are should you find yourself to be a victim of revenge porn, for instance.

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"We need to go back to basic principles and remember that anything that is said online is treated - certainly in the eyes of the law - as if it was published on the front page of a newspaper or on a billboard. People have this misconception that what the are speaking into the abyss and that what they say is like writing these personal thoughts in a diary on the middle of the night and that is not the case at all."

Emma Sadlier