There's Everything To Love About Beyonce and Jay-Z's Bold Career Move

They're currently on a tour that will rake in millions for them; but Beyonce and JayZ have further extended their reach with their first ever joint album. Choosing to chronicle the ups and downs of their relationship, it's a courageous offering that sets them up for plenty of awards.


Fans have been hoping for a joint album, and according to New York Times, writer Joe Coscarelli, Everything Is Love "completes the Knowles-Carter conceptual trilogy". Having individually released Lemonade (Beyonce) and 4:44 (Jay-Z), this third combined offering completes the set "in an expert, tactical showing of family brand management".

The couple have been savvy to draw on their combined fan bases, but what really makes this album stand out is their decision to directly address real-life relationship issues they've faced such as infidelity and rebuilding trust. Tracks contain lyrics about their love, with the final one 'LoveHappy' telling how a journey of moving from pain to love.

Here are the lyrics that show this couple's boldest career move in being vulnerable and open:

LoveHappy Lyrics

“Happily in love, haters please forgive me,” Jay begins. “I let my wife write the will, I pray my children outlive me.”

Beyonce continues:
I give my daughter our custom dress, so she gon’ be litty
Vintage pieces by the time she hit the city
Yeah, you f—ed up the first time, we had to get remarried
(Jay: Yo, chill man!)
We keepin’ it real with these people right?
Lucky I ain’t kill you when I met that b—h

Nah, aight, aight
Y’all know how I met her, we broke up and got back together
To get her back, I had to sweat her
Y’all could make her with a bag, I had to change the weather
Move the whole family west but it’s whatever
In a glass house still throwing stones
Hova, Beezus, watch the thrones

Beyonce sings both the chorus and the song’s outro and conclusion:
You did some things to me, boy you do some things to me
But love is deeper than your pain and I believe you can change
Baby, the ups and downs are worth it, long way to go, but we’ll work it
We’re flawed but we’re still perfect for each other

Sometimes I thought we’d never see the light
Went through hell with heaven on our side
This beach ain’t always been no paradise
But nightmares only last one night

Damn, look at us now
Pray, pray for the vows
Way up now, yes, and a way, long way down
We came, and we saw, and we conquered it all
We came, and we conquered, now we’re happy in love