The Business Behind Beyonce and Jay-Z: On The Run 2

Jay-Z and Beyonce hardly make moves that don't make business sense and their newly announced joint tour, On The Run 2, is expected to be the highest selling tour in the world.

Jay Z And Beyonce
Credit: Instagram

It's long been said that musicians no longer make money from album sales (thanks to the internet and pirating) but rather from touring. When tallying up a singer or rapper's earnings, album sales are hardly ever featured anymore and if you want to be counted among the richest in the industry you have to either have had a world tour that year or really successful businesses and endorsements. 

Jay-Z and Beyonce excel at all three.

Shawn Carter (as Jay-Z is also known) was last week announced as the richest hip-hop artist with an estimated net-worth of $900 million, according to Forbes. His powerhouse wife Beyonce made $105 million in pre-tax earnings between 2016 and 2017, making her the highest earning female artist last year. In March 2017 she was said to have an estimated net-worth of $290 million.

The pair are considered the richest celebrity couple with a net-worth in excess of $1 billion; so it makes sense to do a joint tour and capitalise on their individual success on a grander scale.

Jay Z Beyonce
Credit: Instagram

According to Billboard magazine, the pair's last tour in 2014 grossed $95 million over 19 dates. The tour averaged $5 million per show.

John Lynch from Business Insider UK says this time the tour will have 36 dates across Europe and the USA meaning the duo could make between $180 million and $200 million.

"There's a possibility that OTR II could gross even higher because of more aggressive pricing and stops at new cities with huge stadiums that could net even more money. On this tour, the famous couple are playing 11 cities they skipped in 2014 and playing three new stadiums that were built after 2014," Lynch explained.