How Rihanna Made Her Millions

From Barbados to the world, Rihanna's global domination is not limited to music but stretches to her business ventures. Careful strategising has led to her becoming a formidable businesswoman.

After the singer commanded the music scene over the past decade she set her sights on expanding her reach into the entrepreneurial landscape. Here are the money moves she's made on her road to becoming a successful businesswoman.

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Credits: Instagram

Registering Trademarks

With the forethought that she'd want to expand her empire, Rihanna trademarked her surname in 2014 for the use of various possible businesses.

According to the singer and actress made this move four years ago when her company filed documents to trademark the following names: Fenty Apparel, Fenty Beauty, Fenty Clothing, Fenty Cosmetics, Fenty Face, Fenty Intimates, Fenty Lingerie, Fenty Makeup, Fenty Nails, Fenty Swim, Fenty Swimwear, Boomflick, Fenty Corp, Robyn, Fenty88 and Rhi Rhi.

Fenty is the Barbados beauty's last name and has already been used in her cosmetic line, Fenty Beauty, which was launched this year.


Paving the way for her future success, Rihanna collaborated with multiple big brands. This not only brought her a lot of money but exposed her to the industries she wanted to venture into as an individual in the future.

In 2013 she collaborated with Mac Cosmetics on a line of lipstick, eye shadow and blush. The same year her brand linked with River Island on her Rihanna for River Island collection. She then partnered with Puma in 2016 on a series of highly popular sneakers and shoes. Other collaborations included work with Chanel and Dior.

The alignment with these brands positioned her as someone to watch and she learned what worked and what did not in time to launch her own ventures.

Independent Ventures

After testing the waters with her previous brand alignments Rihanna launched her own business to resounding success.

When she launched her cosmetic line Fenty Beauty in September last year the beauty world lauded her for the the wide range of skin tones it catered for. It was so successful that Time magazine named it one of 2017's best inventions. According to media reports her first month sales were valued at $72 million (about R880 million)

Quickly adding to her solo business success is Savage X, her newly launched lingerie line. Some of the items on the line, which launched today, have already sold out.