Laduma Ngxokolo's Incredible Deal With IKEA

Laduma Ngxokolo is one of 10 designers and creatives across Africa, chosen to collaborate with the Swedish company. This partnership will see his designs showcased worldwide.

Ngxokolo, owner of Maxhosa by Laduma, has become a household name in South Africa and is now focused on growing his brand on a global scale.

For IKEA, Ngxokolo, along with nine artists from Kenya, Senegal, Egypt, Angola, Ivory Coast and Rwanda, will collaborate "around modern rituals and the importance they play in the home."

The chosen designers were all part of the Design Indaba Network and IKEA's in-house designers met up with the 10 artists and creatives at the Design Indaba Conference in Cape Town in March this year to work on the collection.

"At IKEA we are curious, always eager to learn and trying to find new ways to do things better. Meeting different people and being inspired is an important part of understanding the changing needs of people's lives around the world," says Marcus Engman, design manager at IKEA.


Other South Africans featured include Sindiso Khumalo who is based in London and works with various NGOs to develop sustainable textiles.

‘Coming from Port Elizabeth, at the very southern tip of Africa, I looked around and wondered how I’d contribute my African DNA to this aesthetic,” Ngxokolo said during an interview with Architectural Digest. “But after meeting with the designers and talking about my ideas I was more confident. I felt excited because we don’t have this type of design aesthetic in South Africa.

“I did some research on IKEA’s design philosophy and understood what they’re about. After that, the process was easy to me because their style is quite minimalist so with my bold style it was like an application exercise.” 

While there are no IKEA stores available in South Africa, distribution deals are being considered to give local audiences access to these designs when they are available next year.

10 African Artists collaborating with IKEA

  • Betha Rayner and Naeem Biviji (Kenya)
  • Bibi Seck (Senegal)
  • Christian Benimana (Rwanda)
  • Hanna Dalrot (Sweden)
  • Hend Riad and Mariam Hazem (Egypt)
  • Johanna Jelenik (Sweden)
  • Kevin Gouriou (France)
  • Laduma Ngxokolo (South Africa)
  • Mikael Axelsson (Sweden)
  • Paula Nascimento (Angola)
  • Selly Raby Kane (Senegal)
  • Sindiso Khumalo (South Africa)