Issa Rae's Career Journey

Golden Globe nominated actress Issa Rae will visit South Africa in August and will be the keynote speaker for a women's empowerment programme. Here's how her profile has grown to international status in the past few years.

Rae's incredible career is one to draw inspiration from, particularly for her skill in taking charge by writing, producing, directing and starring in her own TV shows.

Here's her amazing career journey:

Issa Rae

The Hobby That Opened Doors

While pursuing African and African-American studies at Stanford University Rae and a close friend - wrote, produced and starred in the web series Awkward Black Girl and launched it on YouTube in 2011. It was initially a side project, however while deciding between continuing her studies in either law or business school, the online show began garnering greater attention. It eventually gained traction through the help of blogs and social media and before she could further her academic life, the series had launched her Hollywood career.

Growing the Brand

In another attempt to control her destiny, the actress wrote a book called The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl in 2015 which made many best seller lists. She wrote about the experiences of being an introverted, awkward African American woman in a world that rewards the extroverted and cool. This book solidified her stance as someone who wanted to create narratives that were not popular in Hollywood - and dared to take charge of her professional progress.

Going With The Flow

Rae's web and literary success made creating the TV show Insecure, a lot easier. She enjoyed the freedom of writing the show - a privilege few women of colour enjoy and the resulting achievements stamped her as a force in the industry.

“I wanted to tell a new story that I felt lwas more grounded and closer to my life and my sensibilities and my relationships,” she told the New York Post. “Insecure came from my state of being at the time and that mentality where you feel like you’re unstable, you’re unsure about your place in life and your relationship."

For her leading role in the show she was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards and the third season is scheduling to start in the US on 12 August 2018.