Nomzamo Mbatha On Living Out The Meaning Of Her Name

South African actress Nomzamo Mbatha shares the meaning behind her name and how she uses it to fuel her success.

Credits: Instagram

During a Nedbank Talk about her career, Mbatha shared that part of her foundation for success was the name that was given to her by her grandmother. 

"When my grandmother named me, she named me Nomzamo after Winnie Mandela. That name means resilience, it means she who strives, it means perseverance," she told the audience.

"When you persevere you go against all odds. And the reason why it was important to understand the meaning behind my name from a very young age is because it's because it's the one tool that equips me every single day, every single time I am faced with an obstacle. I understand that I am not named Nomzamo by mistake. I was named Nomzamo because of the life and path I am going to lead."

She further shared that she did not grow up in a wealthy home and that her family faced many struggles, financially and otherwise. The actress said she grew up in Umlazi where she was surrounded by lack. It is this determination to respond to the fact that she was born to be resilient, that has spurred her to achieve greatness in her life.