Could This Be Anele Mdoda's Next Career Move?

As she moves on from hosting of Real Talk With Anele on SABC, Anele Mdoda has a variety of career choices to make, judging by those who've done it before her.

Mdoda unexpectedly resigned as the host of the popular daily talk show. She cited personal growth and focusing on her career growth but gave little insight into what her next move would be.

Here are two options she could consider:

Credits: Instagram

Her Own TV Channel

After 25 years as the host of her self-titled talk show, Oprah Winfrey didn't venture too far out of the television industry. In fact, she started her own channel, OWN, which seven years later is still going strong. With shows such as Queen Sugar,Super Soul Sunday and Iyanla: Fix My Life Winfrey gets to still work in an industry she loves but without the time pressures of a daily talk show. 

Growing As An Entrepreneur

The radio presenter could also choose to follow in the footsteps of Felicia Mabuza-Suttle who ventured into entrepreneurship after the show stoped airing in 2004. Mabuza-Suttle had her own accessories and sunglasses line called Felicia and is the president and co-owner of Leadership Success International - a US-based leadership and business communication company. She's also a non-executive director of the Pamodzi Group - an investment company.