Uber Exec, Bozoma Saint John, Is Proud To Be African

"I am beautiful in my own way."

These words were the revelation Bozoma Saint John says awakened her sense of confidence and acceptance of being unique. 

Born in the United States to Ghanian parents, Saint John, grew up in Denver, Colorado where she didn't look like anyone outside of her home. Alongside developing a thick skin, she also had to learn to love herself and her differences.

Bozoma Fortune
Credit: Fortune Magazine

"It took me a long time to find self love. Just because when you're faced with not being the object of desire or beauty, or you're not anywhere near the epitome of what it "should be" it takes a long time," she said during an interview with author and entrepreneur Lewis Howes.

Before reaching career highs such as being the chief brand officer at Uber and a former marketing executive at Apple Music, Saint John has pushed barriers and broken glass ceilings. However, the road to self-acceptance has been quite a process.

"I think as a teenager, as a kid, as a young woman coming into your own, it takes a long time to then discover that 'oh yeah no no...I'm beautiful in my own way." Being this tall and this dark that's ok. I am ok. I don't have to be the other things in order to be accepted."

With the confidence needed to command the respect she now enjoys, she even refers to herself as @badassboz on her social media accounts; a wonderful nod to conquering the insecurities she suffered as a child.