Bonang Matheba's Side Hustles

She may not be appearing on radio or television screens as much as she used to but Bonang's brand is still growing in a powerful way. 

Being able to remain relevant despite not having any show on screens or on the radio is a powerful position to be in and can guarantee the longevity of one's career in entertainment.

Matheba famously resigned from her popular Metro FM radio show last year, she hasn't appeared on lifestyle show Top Billing in a while and any other TV shows she's been part of (such as Being Bonang and KFC Taste Kitchen) have since stopped production.

However, she's built a brand for herself that's proving to be long-lasting without the assistance of a weekly radio or TV show - the bread and butter of her business. One of her major endorsements is Revlon which, according to City Press, stands at a cool R2.5 million.

Here are three other ways the media personality makes her money:

Bonang Emojis

Bonang 2
Credit: Instagram

In this age of social media, it's smart business to align your brand with what's trending; which is what Matheba has done.

People text more than they call and an increasingly popular way of communicating is through emojis. Why use an entire sentence when one emoji can do the trick? Last year Matheba launched her own set of emojis for R39.99 per download. It's not known how much of the proceeds she takes home but it's likely a nice chunk of change.

Bonang for Distraction

Bonang 1
Credit: Instagram

Matheba's lingerie line which is distributed through Woolworths is one of her most successful partnerships. She serves as the muse and model for the line. "Walking into the partnership, I knew I wanted to put my heart and soul into the collection. I had very specific ideas that I wanted to explore, and a clear direction. I am truly grateful to Woolworths for granting me the freedom to tap into my creativity and their guidance throughout the process," she said about the deal.

Speaking Engagements

Slay Fest Bonang
Credit: Instagram

According to Women24, back in 2015 Bonang earned around R40 000 to host an event. She was recently in Nigeria as the keynote speaker of the Slay Festival and also hosted this year's Grand White Dinner.

“As my brand is expanding globally, The Grand White Dinner, one of SA’s premium events, was the perfect partnership. I’m excited and looking forward to celebrating the event with all my fans," she said.