Being Young Doesn't Mean You Can't Be Successful, Says Michelle Obama

Speaking from personal experience from her childhood, former US First Lady Michelle Obama shares inspirational messages to young people about the attitude they need to have in order to become successful.

Obama and actress and activist Tracee Ellis Ross sat down for a talk during the 2018 United State of Women Summit where the two spoke on an array of topics from mentorship to women empowerment and motherhood.

Here are three inspiring quotes from that conversation:

Michelle Obama And Tracee Ellis Ross
Credits: Instagram

There's Great Value In Mentorship

"What I tell young kids is that all it takes is one person (to help change your life). Find this good folks, maybe it's not your mom. Maybe that person isn't in your household, maybe they're at church, maybe it's that teacher. You find that person and you hold on to them, stay in their face. You make yourself their priority and in order to do that you need to have your stuff together. Because people are always looking for good kids, they are looking for kids to mentor."

Become Your Best Person

"Life is practice. You are practicing who you want to be. Do you want people to be able to depend on you, then you have to be dependable. If you want to be trusted, then you have to be trustworthy."

Decide What To Neglect And What To Nurture

"There are plenty of kids who are beating the odds. You are born with an innate sense of what is possible. That just sort of gets beaten out of you or it gets reinforced."