3 Ways Connie Ferguson Makes Money Offscreen

Connie Ferguson may always be known as Karabo Moroka from Generations but the actress is making money moves away from TV screens.

Ferguson has built quite a brand for herself that she hopes will sustain her past her on-screen days. If you're working in the entertainment, it's worth exploring alternate revenue streams, just as Ferguson has done.

Connie Ferguson 1
Credit: Instagram

Koni Multinational Brands

In 2015 she won the Shoprite Upcoming Supplier of the Year award for her range of three female body lotions in her Connie Body Care brand. Koni Multinatinal Brands is the umbrella under which she hopes to make an impact in the beauty business. In 2016 she branched into the men's market and added more lotions and shower gels to the range. The company spent R8 million on the brand's initial investment in 2013 with hopes that it would turn a profit.

"As a businesswoman, I understand that it's not about instant gratification. If you're looking at the bigger picture, as long as you market products properly, you'll be able to get your investment back," she said.

Bliss Pharmaceuticals

Along with three other investors Ferguson launched her own retail pharmacy business in 2015.

"We laughed our first store in Garankuwa City Shopping Centre on 13 December. Over the next five years we aim to establish 200 stores across the country, primarily townships, as part of township modernisation and revitalisation."

Ferguson Films

Starting with Rockville to Igazi to The Queen, Ferguson, and her husband Shona, have solidified themselves as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to South African soapies/telenovelas.

The two started their own production company which has maintained an average growth rate of 16.5% in its first three years of existence. "It's a big surprise how far we've come in such a short time. If you talk to other producers who've been doing it longer, they'll tell you how long it takes to break in. It's a very tough and competitive industry, so we're pleasantly surprised by how well we've done."