Recovering After Your Confidence Has Taken a Knock

It may not feel like it at the time, but it is possible to restore your poise and aplomb after a mishap.

Messing up in front of an audience or failing thoroughly at a task can cause a loss of confidence. Here are three tips you can action every day as you recover from the emotional bruise. They're easy to implement and are likely to also boost your overall mood.

1) Look Good to Feel Good

It is often said that looking good immediately boosts your confidence. Reaching for that dress or suit that helps you stand that much taller or walk with an extra skip in your step is one way of boosting your confidence.

Ladies Outfit

2) Remember Your Last Great Achievement

Remember that time when you had to do a presentation in front of your boss and all the senior executives and nailed it? Recall that feeling you had when you did well, exceeded expectations and when your hard work paid off.

Great Achievement

3) Write Down Words Of Encouragement

Make a list of some of your best qualities and recite them to yourself. This can instantly boost your confidence when you are reminded of the good parts of yourself and can shift the focus from negative to positive.

Wordsof Encouragement