3 Reasons Why You Should Consider UJ's Online Programmes

Furthering your education - particularly a masters or doctrate - is considered a rather time-consuming and all-encompassing project. However, with new online courses recently released by the University of Johannesburg, this process can now be less demanding.

The University of Johannesburg yesterday announced that they now offer eight 100% online degrees. This in an effort to making furthering one's education easier; and taking into consideration other life commitments such as work, business and family.

Towards the end of 2017 the institution started offering four online qualifications: Master of Public Health, Master of Public Management and Governance, Master of Education Management, and Master of Education in Information and Communication Technology.

Following the success of these modules, they increased the offering to include Bachelor of Commerce in International Accounting, the Bachelor of Human Resource Management, Advanced Diploma in Financial Markets and Advanced Diploma in Transportation Management.

Uj Courses
Some of the online courses offered by the University of Johannesburg. Credit:

Here are three reasons why taking the non-traditional online route may be worth your while.


While the courses are online, the university guarantees an interactive experience so  students don't feel isolated.

"The online programmes are designed to be a highly interactive learning environment. While immersed in their studies, students will be able to share their perspectives and participate in topical discussions with a cohort of peer students," the university said.


Instead of studying for consecutive years, students can space out modules in preferred timeframes.

"The UJ online programmes are uniquely organized to offer students multiple opportunities during the year to begin their course. Instead of a typical academic schedule of two semesters or enrolment periods per year, the online programmes begin six times per year on a revolving schedule."

Not having to wait until the next semester begins allows students to move through their programme more quickly and efficiently. For specific start date information, refer to the calendar for the programme of your choice.

No Travel Requirements

"The student is able to complete each consecutive module leading to degree completion completely online. This allows the flexibility to study at times best suited to individual schedules and enables students to balance work, studies and other responsibilities."